News: Geek-Shooting Rubberband Machine Gun

Geek-Shooting Rubberband Machine Gun

It's the idea that counts. This geeky rubberband machine gun is pretty sweet looking... but I wish it had a little more force. The gun can very quickly shoot (200!) rubberbands, but it just tumbles those plastic cups over (see video below). Nonetheless, cool idea and cool design. Notably, the inventor is Japanese, the only country with a Rubber Band Gun Shooting Association (awesome).

From Crunch Gear:

"Here [JP] is how the guy made it, here is the Amazon Japan link to the how-to-build-a-rubber-band-machine-gun and here is another Amazon Japan link pointing you to a construction kit for beginners."


Brilliant! Now if only they could develop a faster way to load that thing...

Its amazing but the tiny drill handle get a more powerful drill or a faster one that'll hurt a lot.

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