How To: Construct an instant, no-fire ninja smoke bomb for quick escapes

Some of the most distinctive tools of the ninja in popular culture are the smoke bombs they throw at the ground the instantly go off without lighting them, yielding a dense cloud of smoke through which they escape. This video will show you how to make ninja smoke bombs at home you can use to make yourself vanish. Very useful for family gatherings and corporate meetings. Active ingredients include stump killer and matchheads, both always fun.

How To: Modify a sprinkler valve for use in a spud gun

Check out these step-by-step instructions on how to modify a RainBird CP-100 Sprinkler Valve for use in a pneumatic cannon (spudgun). Or, if you so desire, you can put the modified sprinkler valve in a golf ball cannon like in this video (see the test shot at the end). Just get rid of the solenoid on the valve, pull the cover off, modify a few things, and attach your blowgun. Then, attach the valve to your spud gun, or golf ball gun, whatever, and see it chop through some plywood. This is ver...

How To: Make a simple (but powerful) rubber-band slingshot

In this tutorial, we learn how to make a simple rubber-band slingshot. First, grab a strip of paper and fold it up in small folds until you reach the top of it. After you do this, fold it up to more times to get the thickest and smallest piece of paper you can get. Now, take your rubber band and place it between your thumb and pointer finger. Now, place the paper in the middle of the rubber band, then pull the rubber band back with your other hand and the paper will go into the air. Be carefu...

How To: Make a fuse using black powder

Making a fuse with black powder is a simple process and you only need a few things to get it right. You should have Water, Cotton string, and black powder. A slow burning good quality meal powder works best. To start, cut the cotton string to your desired length and dip it into the water. Take the now wet string and coat it thoroughly with the black powder. Then you simply have to let the fuse dry, an oven on a very low setting works well. Optionally, you can dissolve a small amount of potass...

How To: Make a semi-automatic pen gun

Making small, nonlethal firearms out of desktop materials is one of the most fun things a student can do in a boring class, and there are a millions ways to do it. This video will teach you how to make an awesome semi-automatic pen gun that will annoy your friends much faster than the single-shot models seen elsewhere.

How To: Make a high-powered stun gun

In this video tutorial, you will learn how to make a high-powered stun gun out of easily obtained supplies. This easy to find materials would be some wire strippers, some wire, needle nose pliers, rubber gloves, a knife, scissors, a screwdriver, and an old disposable camera. Once you make this powerful taser (or stun gun), be careful, because this device delivers a VERY powerful shock.

How To: Make a toothpick crossbow

To make a toothpick crossbow you will need : one rubber band; a mini saw; one long wooden meat skewer; a marker pen; a toothpick; scissors; duct tape; a hot glue gun; drill bits and a drill; a clothes pin with metal. Take the metal part away from the clothes pin and discard it. Place the pin parts back to back and draw a line at each end. Then draw a line down the inside surface of each half. Saw along this line without cutting the wood entirely. Ensure that your skewer passes through the hol...

How To: Shock an intruder away with a jolting mousetrap

Want to shock the hell out of a home intruder? This tutorial video shows you how to build a booby trap for your front door out of a mere mousetrap. The loud snap sound this device creates is sure to "scare the hell out of any intruder." It's just like having a gun around the house. Your mother won't let you put a lock on your bedroom door? Well, this gunshot sound is sure to change her mind. Oh, and don't forget to be safe!

How To: Make a crossbow bolt

In this tutorial, learn how to make a powerful bolt for a crossbow. This process is easy and can be done quite quickly. Even though this bolt is easy to make it is still quite strong so be careful around people and animals.

News: Meticulously Crafted, Fully Functional Miniature Guns

Usually, miniature weaponry is constructed by fantasy hobbyists that have a fascination with toy-sized replicas and miniature wargames, like Warhammer or Gear Krieg. These handmade bite-sized weapons are just for show, accompanying their mini-armies with no actual functionality. But a different kind of hobbyist is showing us that miniature weapons can not only be small, but completely functional as well.

How To: Tie an eight plait round braided whip

This how-to video shows how to use core-less paracord to make a round braid. Working with eight strands is demonstrated but the same technique will work from 4 to 16 strands. This is the first step in learning how to make your own whip and what is more fun than using nothing but muscle power to drive a bit of string through the speed of sound? You can also make it as a paracord lanyard, belt, hatband, bracelet, etc. Always wear eye protection around paracord. Watch this video specialized weap...

How To: Make a homemade crossbow or slingshot

Everyone recognizes slingshots - they remind us of Dennis the Menace, Leave it to Beaver or another precocious TV kid. Slingshots are classic weapons - they are easy and cheap to make and can be pretty effective if used right. In this video, learn how to make an inexpensive slingshot out of common household items. Just follow along with this step by step and you will be slingin' in now time!

How To: Make a biblical style rock sling

This video demonstrates how to make a rock sling similar to one that would have been used in the Bible story about David and Goliath. The sling is made out of one piece of rope. An intricate knot is made in the rope to serve as the pouch that holds the rock. The video shows slow, step-by-step instructions for how to weave and tie the knot in the center of the rope so that it looks like a small basket about 2" wide. Make a finger tether at one end of the rope. This video can be used to make yo...

How To: Make a 50-Pound Wooden Crossbow with Steel-Tipped Arrows

In this video, you'll see how I built a 50-pound crossbow with a trigger, crossbow limb, and a rifle design. This took me 6 months to make, but it's finally done! This homemade wooden crossbow is made from 3 layered pieces of ½-inch pine cut from a jigsaw. All the filing and planing to shape the wood was done by hand, which is why it took so long. You, of course, can speed things up if you have the right power tools.

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