News: DIY Business Card Fires Pennies

DIY Business Card Fires Pennies

 Whether you need a business card or not, I think all of us can enjoy a penny shooter.

Thingverse user Clide made this awesome penny shooter business card, and best of all, he offers instructions on how to do-it-yourself.

Clide's instructions (click through for templates):

Cut the thick parts from a material that is approximately the thickness of a penny (0.061"). A good 4 ply mat board should be close to .06". If the material is too thick or thin then the pennies will jam, but I am not sure of the tolerance limits. The thin material should be strong enough to give good support, but thin enough to handle the folds for the magazine. I use a .014" thick cover stock. The dotted lines on the magazine area of the thin components should be a perforation or a crease. 

The thick components get sandwiched between the two thin layers. Start by gluing the two identical thick pieces to the thin side without the magazine. Use the other thick piece (the slide) as a guide and make sure it can slide easily between the parts and close flush. Then glue the side with the magazine on top. Take care not to glue the magazine down and make sure the slide can still move back and forth. The slide must be in place before you glue it together because it can not be installed after the rest of the card is assembled. Two #32 rubber bands are needed to use the card.


Pennies from heaven that is so cool!

I gotta make me one of these!

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