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How To: Build a Thermal Cannon

In this video, I will be showing you how to build the thermal cannon which I have designed. If you enjoyed this video and would like to see more please feel free to LIKE the video and subscribe to my channel! You can also follow me on my Instructables page!

How To: Make a 50-Pound Wooden Crossbow with Steel-Tipped Arrows

In this video, you'll see how I built a 50-pound crossbow with a trigger, crossbow limb, and a rifle design. This took me 6 months to make, but it's finally done! This homemade wooden crossbow is made from 3 layered pieces of ½-inch pine cut from a jigsaw. All the filing and planing to shape the wood was done by hand, which is why it took so long. You, of course, can speed things up if you have the right power tools.

Airports Will Never Be Safe: How Anyone Could Build Bombs, Guns, & Other Weapons Using Items in the Terminal

While the TSA was enacted for the safety of the people after the attacks on September 11th, since then it's been viewed as an annoying inconvenience—not because they make us remove our shoes, belts, and liquids, but due to their blatantly discriminatory and unfair actions against the elderly, women, and minorities. There are alternatives (crowd-sourced and private security), but they're not viable options, which means we're going to be stuck with the TSA for a long time.

How To: Make a Mini Wooden Crossbow

Hi, guys. I had a lot of requests on how to make a real miniature crossbow, so I did a tutorial—and it took me quite some time to do it. I would appreciate it if you guys could like the vid, give some kudos, and comment. To see how to make the mini arrows, click here.

How To: Turn an Electric Stapler into the Simplest Coil Gun Ever

One of the coolest things about coil guns is that they're powered by electricity. Usually, if you want to DIY one, the coil itself is the most expensive part. Don't want to buy one? You can either make one yourself, or steal one from another device you aren't using like How To Lou did with his electric stapler turned coil gun. To build it, Lou used the coil from an electric stapler, some PVC, and a few other small things you probably have lying around like electrical tape and a nail. Once he ...

How To: Make a "Deadly" Pneumatic PVC Nerf Dart Gun

PVC is some pretty versatile stuff, especially when it comes to homemade weapons. You can make a homemade paintball gun, a carrot-firing rifle, or even the Burrito Blaster spud gun. YouTuber Top City Gear (aka Drew) made a PVC blowgun a few months ago, but he wanted something that packed a little more punch, so he built a pneumatic Nerf gun that looks like it really hurts—watch him try it out on his friend in the video below (skip to about a minute in to see it in action).

How To: Build a Cheap Carrot-Firing Pneumatic Rifle in 15 Minutes

We've seen potato guns, miniature guns, and even paper guns, but how about a carrot gun? This one isn't playing around: it can fire a carrot fast enough to pierce a cardboard box and a gallon jug of water, which I'd say is pretty impressive for a vegetable. In the video below, How To Lou shows us how he made this awesome carrot-firing rifle with about $15 worth of parts and an air compressor, and about 15 minutes of spare time.

How To: Make a James Bond's 007 burning blue laser gun

The world's first look at James Bond's new blu-ray burning laser weapon! Make your own with Kipkay and his XBOX 360 hack. Disassemble a 360 HD DVD drive to extract the blue diode. Then install it in an airsoft CO2 powered gun modeled after James Bond's gun of choice. The weapon will burn through electrical tape, light matches and burn bright blue the whole time! Schematics and parts are also available.

How To: Construct an instant, no-fire ninja smoke bomb for quick escapes

Some of the most distinctive tools of the ninja in popular culture are the smoke bombs they throw at the ground the instantly go off without lighting them, yielding a dense cloud of smoke through which they escape. This video will show you how to make ninja smoke bombs at home you can use to make yourself vanish. Very useful for family gatherings and corporate meetings. Active ingredients include stump killer and matchheads, both always fun.

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