How To: make a trebuchet

make a trebuchet

A what?

The last time any man, woman, or child needed to make one of these siege machines was in 16th century Europe when gunpowder became the rage...

...which is what makes this 21st century video so darn likeable. What an inspired idea for a weekend project! Physics, DIY, anachronism, and ingenuity...all wrapped into one neat video tutorial.

At WonderHowTo, we are major fans of Bre and his extended mafia (Mark F, BoingBoing, etc). We admire the fine and underappreciated art of wasting time - constructively.


Make a trebuchet


sweet i lyk the ending there it fires.

very good, i made one and it's awesome the distance.

cool no really it sucks !

that is prettty cool

wtf am i doing on this website this is for nerds nooooooooooo get off of me ewwwwwwwwwww wat is that thing o god please dont tell me that is your o noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo help me

u #$%@ing perve im not going to do that to your butt get off me noooowww

so hows the wife and kids

now i can shoot doggy poo to the neighbours garden^^

is this related to physics/??

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