How To: Make a Nerf crossbow

Make a Nerf crossbow

In this tutorial, learn how to take old toys from around your house and make a fully functioning crossbow. In this video, you will use old pieces from Nerf brand toys and rearrange them into a cool new weapon.
If you are wondering how to make a cross bow on the cheap, follow the steps in this tutorial and make one out of those old kids toys gathering dust in the garage.

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This is a great project, but you cut the "ends" of the dowel, not the "sides" (I was confused at first, thinking you were going to cut grooves along its sides, which is not easy), and had to be careful not to "break" them ("brake" is the car pedal). Also, it's called "duct tape" (Duck Tape is a trademarked brand name and should be capitalized). "Smooth" not "smoothen". "Let's" = let us; "Lets" = allows or rents. If you want to be understand and to be taken seriously, it's vital that you use the correct terms for things. (I should mention that this computer lacks speakers, so I only had the video to go by.)

From my three decades of woodworking I've got a couple of tips for the project: Rather than using trial and error to make sure the dowel is centered on the ruler, why not put a mark in the center of the dowel and use that to get it in the right place effortlessly? You can likewise mark the center of the string after assembly.

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