How to Make a Miniature Shocker with Paper Clips and a Lighter

I had used the extra parts from my DIY Canon shutter release how-to to make this. It is very easy to do and only took me about 10 minutes—and costs nothing! This doesn't hurt; sometimes I can't even feel it! The closer you are to a vein, the more it will shock you.


  • A broken or empty utility lighter
  • A small project box; I used a plastic floss container which was about 1x1 inches
  • Two small paper clips
  • Super glue
  • Electrical tape
  • Thin foam sheet


  • Scissors
  • X-Acto knife
  • Wire clippers
  • Wire stripper
  • Soldering iron (not completely necessary)

Step 1 Finding the Part

The part you need from the lighter is the piezo ignition (what lights the gas and makes the flame in the lighter). Mine was a back box with a metal circle on the end with white and yellow wires coming from it. This is the completely disassembled lighter:

How to Make a Miniature Shocker with Paper Clips and a Lighter

The black piezoelectric igniter in the upper right is the part you will need.

Step 2 Assembling the Shocker

I assembled mine with the button poking out the top and the shocking part on the front. The wheel that holds the floss fit the part perfectly. I cut a hole in the top so that the part could protrude through. I connected the wires to the paper clips with some electrical tape, but you can also solder it. There were two tubes that I bent the paper clips around and poked two holes in the front for them to protrude through. Here are some pictures of the assembly:

Step 3 Adding Insulation

When I completed the shocker, I noticed it shocked me a little through the plastic, so I added insulation. I cut out foam sheet to cover the whole thing. Here it is:

How to Make a Miniature Shocker with Paper Clips and a Lighter

There are cuts in the foam so it can fold.

After I did this, I then covered it all in electrical tape. Here is the completed product:

How to Make a Miniature Shocker with Paper Clips and a Lighter

Finally, I got a picture of the electrical arc!  This took me like thirty times and the picture still isn't too good.

In the dark! This video is with the tip dry.

Oh yeah... if you get the tip wet, it is more conductive and will shock more.


  • This can start fires. Be careful where you use it!
  • Please, don't hurt anyone or take it any place that doesn't allow tasers!


Cool! It would be great to see a video of it in action...

Good idea- I hadn't thought of that. I'll upload one soon!

message me when you do, so i can check it out.

This is great for when those lighters run out of fluid. Great for low altitudes. If you live in high altitudes, this won't work though because of the paucity of oxygen. Not that there would be too many people trying this in high elevations. They probably don't even have piezo lighters in Rinconada or Wenzhuan! And I agree... a video would be cool.

Same with in the cold. The colder it is, the lower the shock. It works fine where I am.

Haha... I don't even know why I brought that up!

It could inform the builders I guess... ha

Not sure why, but the first link isn't working. If you didn't know, it is here-

Hmm. I fixed that link. Looks like it needs to have that "http://" in front or it won't work.

Oh ok, thanks

How could you make the current continuous, so you do not have to keep pressing a button.

You would have to have a constant flow of electricity, which isn't possible with the electricity from a piezo ignition. You would have to go to a more complicated taser.

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