How to Build an Advanced Wooden Pistol Crossbow That Shoots Bolts

This DIY pistol crossbow is very dangerous, so make sure you use extreme caution after construction. You don't want to DIY yourself a jail sentence!

So now that that's out of the way… watch and learn how to make an awesome pistol crossbow. You can find plans for this crossbow pistol and images of this crossbow at Mechanical Mashup. This is a very detailed homemade weapon, so if your woodworking skills aren't up to par, then maybe you should go back to shop class.

This pistol crossbow was designed by Edwin Love, featured in "Science and Mechanics" magazine, March, 1963.


Not cool after that guy was shot in that library by some maniac with a crossbow.

stop whining you hippie

Can the PDF's be used as templates? Are they actual size?

ven helsing never really used a crossbow

If u posted these drawings and complete measurements somewhere.. where could i find them?

oh.. find the instructions

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