How to Make a thirty dollar Super Soaker flamethrower

Want to turn a good idea into bad one? Make a flamethrower, then accidentally catch yourself on fire... wait, you couldn't possibly do that, could you? No.

Check out this video tutorial on how to make a thirty dollar Super Soaker flamethrower.

WARNING: Flamethrowers are dangerous and require proper maintenance and safety. Just because you made a flamethrower doesn't mean you can control it. Keep water or dirt handy while constructing and using your flame thrower if you build one. In the off chance of an emergency, well, do something about it.


looks dangerous ka boom. Don't try this w/o pyro parents supervision.

neat-but ive made better n easier bfore

pritty dope :)

The metal thing is a hose clamp.

Shut your face. Men use hose clamps.

Leave that poor rock alone, guys!

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