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News : Pluck Drones Out of the Sky with the DroneGun

I don't know about you, but I'm totally freaked by the possibility that someone is spying on me using a tiny, flying robot, aka a drone. If you're unfamiliar with the technology, drones are unmanned aircrafts controlled remotely, often via video feed. They can be used to deplo ...more

How To : Make a high-powered stun gun

In this video tutorial, you will learn how to make a high-powered stun gun out of easily obtained supplies. This easy to find materials would be some wire strippers, some wire, needle nose pliers, rubber gloves, a knife, scissors, a screwdriver, and an old disposable camera. O ...more

How To : Make a Popsicle Stick Crossbow

How to make a very easy (but strong) popsicle stick crossbow, with a shooting test at the end of the video. It shoots skewers, ink cartridges and some arrows I made. Video: .

How To : Make a toothpick crossbow

To make a toothpick crossbow you will need : one rubber band; a mini saw; one long wooden meat skewer; a marker pen; a toothpick; scissors; duct tape; a hot glue gun; drill bits and a drill; a clothes pin with metal. Take the metal part away from the clothes pin and discard it ...more

How To : Make a simple (but powerful) rubber-band slingshot

In this tutorial, we learn how to make a simple rubber-band slingshot. First, grab a strip of paper and fold it up in small folds until you reach the top of it. After you do this, fold it up to more times to get the thickest and smallest piece of paper you can get. Now, take y ...more

How To : Make a safe DIY Prometheus flamethrower

A professionally manufactured flamethrower is relatively safe, but grossly expensive. But most homemade flamethrowers tend to be extremely dangerous and fire hazards. Except this one. Though still somewhat dangerous, it's one of the safest DIY flamethrowers you could make. Th ...more

How To : Make a DIY throwing spear for hunting

The throwing spear is one of the oldest parts of the human hunting arsenal, and one of the most challenging to kill something with. If you want to get in touch with your hunting roots though, this video will show you how to do so by making your own hunting spear out of househo ...more

How To : Make a mini grapple hook or gun

This tutorial is showcasing how to make a miniature grapple gun and a grapple. This video tutorial showcases how to make both of the items by using text and by showing exactly how the mini grapple gun and the grapple are both made. After this video tutorial shows very descript ...more

How To : Make a Firecracker

Video: . How to make a firecracker/mine from caps, matches and other household materials.. Easy to make and pretty loud.

How To : Make and build a trebuchet

Do you need to wage a siege? Then build a medieval trebuchet. See how to do it this great video tutorial for all of you medieval weapons fans. A trebuchet is a type of catapult. In the olden days, the main advantage of a trebuchet was that it could hit castle walls with rocks ...more

How To : Make a mouse trap catapult for fun

Now, before you go and email PETA, this tutorial isn't a video showing you how to make a catapult intended for hurting mice. No. This tutorial is showing you how to make a cool looking and fun catapult using a mouse trap. This can be used for throwing things around your home o ...more

News : Deadly Air Cannon Dents Cars With Water Balloons

DIYer Drew Pilcher's powerful air cannon packs a lethal punch, and the well chosen wood detailing makes it look like a real rifle. The pilot valve air cannon can shoot water balloons, steel darts, potatoes, and more. Watch Pilcher's glee as he dents a car door with a water bal ...more

How To : Make a super heavy duty blow dart

You can make a strong blow dart by coiling metal and attaching some matting material for the tail. You can paint the tail to finish it off. These are not toys but are made out of metal so check if blow darts are legal in your state. How to make blowdarts out of some cotton an ...more

How To : Determine your hunting bow draw length

In this video, we learn how to determine your hunting bow draw length. The best way to do this is to use a 36 inch yard stick. Put the stick against your throat in the center, and hold it firmly holding your hand straight out in front of you. don't super stretch, just stand no ...more

News : DIY Vomit Inducing Flashlight

Ladyada demonstrates how to make your own government made $1,000,000 non-violent(?) flashlight for the much, much lower cost of $250. From Ladyada: "After attending a conference where the $1 million "sea-sick flashlight" (named "THE DAZZLER") was demonstrated by the US Dept. ...more

How To : Make a "Deadly" Pneumatic PVC Nerf Dart Gun

PVC is some pretty versatile stuff, especially when it comes to homemade weapons. You can make a homemade paintball gun, a carrot-firing rifle, or even the Burrito Blaster spud gun. YouTuber Top City Gear (aka Drew) made a PVC blowgun a few months ago, but he wanted something ...more

How To : Make sulfur-less black powder using sugar

In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to make sulfur-less black powder using sugar. The materials required for this project are: potassium nitrate, charcoal, sugar, scale, spoon and cup. Begin by measuring 16g of potassium nitrate and pour it into the cup. Crush it until i ...more

How To : Make a fuse using black powder

Making a fuse with black powder is a simple process and you only need a few things to get it right. You should have Water, Cotton string, and black powder. A slow burning good quality meal powder works best. To start, cut the cotton string to your desired length and dip it int ...more

How To : Make a homemade paintball gun

This video demonstrates how to make a homemade paintball gun or Nerf gun.The materials required for it are a coke (soda) plastic bottle, CPVC) (PVC) (copper) valve, scissors, half inch PVC or tubing pump, Teflon tape, hot glue gun tape. PVC glue is optional.The basics method t ...more

News : My Insanely Powerful DIY Miniature Scorpyd Crossbow

This is my mini, but insanely powerful Scorpyd crossbow. It took me two weeks on and off to make this miniature crossbow, and it's stronger than original crossbows due to its design (scorpyd)—it's way more powerful than my other crossbows, like my mini wooden crossbow. Video: ...more

How To : Make a Miniature Bow and Arrow from Household Items

Here's a step-by-step tutorial guide for how to make a miniature bow and arrow out of household objects. Plus, flaming arrows! Step 1: What You Need Popsicle stick Dental floss Cotton swab Q-tip Step 2: How to Make It! Watch the video for the directions. Video: .

How To : Tie a twelve strand round plait braided whip

This how-to video shows how to use core-less paracord to make a round braid. It will be easier to tie the 12 strand round braided whip if you can already tie the 8 strand round plait braided whip. This is the overp-lait with 12 strands. Learn how to make your own whip and use ...more

How To : Tie a rope whip

To tie a rope whip, you will need the following: 50' of ¼" rope, scissors, a tape measurer, and Stretch your tape measurer out to 5'. Run your rope along the tape measurer, looping back, when you get to the end. Continue in this way until you have looped 5 times. Make a sta ...more

How To : Tie an eight plait round braided whip

This how-to video shows how to use core-less paracord to make a round braid. Working with eight strands is demonstrated but the same technique will work from 4 to 16 strands. This is the first step in learning how to make your own whip and what is more fun than using nothing b ...more

How To : Build a miniature guillotine

Epileptic Talking Mustache Guy gives the blow-by-blow on the construction of a little wooden toy guillotine. Before you know it, you'll be hacking off dolls heads in no time. It is not hard if you are even the slightest bit brave in your shop.

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