News: Vaporizing 1000's of Pounds of Pumpkins

Vaporizing 1000's of Pounds of Pumpkins

Hay rides simply don't cut it these days. Donald Totman of Daisi Hill Farm in Millerton, N.Y. has been smashing pumpkins for years as a marketing ploy to move the merchandise. On a busy weekend, Totman will smash 1,000 pounds.

Via The New York Times,

"Mr. Totman started about 13 years ago with a homemade trebuchet (a version of a catapult that uses a counterweight to add force). He's currently on his second one, made from materials lying around the farm. About six years ago he added an air cannon to his arsenal that shoots its orange ammo 1,500 feet toward an old metal tank. The pumpkins 'turn into water' on impact, he said proudly. That is especially popular with the fathers in the crowd.

Vaporizing 1000's of Pounds of Pumpkins


'It's a man thing,' he said. 'It's a gun, it makes a big noise.'"

Ah, here at WonderHowTo, we totally get that. Explosions, cannons, bombs... all = man-child thrill. Watch Daisi Hill Farm's humble pumpkin smashing beginnings, back in 2007:

Inspired? Make-your-own smaller scale version with MAKE Magazine:

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