News: Make a mini blow dart gun

Make a mini blow dart gun

Make a mini blow dart gun We eat our own cooking. Inspired by the sheer anarchy of it all, my son made this in less than 4 minutes. Straw, pin, shoe lace. That is all. While my back was turned, he shot me. The pin pierced my jeans. It hurt. He was in stitches laughing.

Now, he and I have seen the real thing in the Ecuadorian Amazon. But this urban variation is ... perfect. founder Branden McConnell is the brains behind this clever puerile, projectile prank. For a guy that spends most of his time absorbed in art projects he makes a rad weapon!

Make a mini blow dart gun


this video is bull #$ can't get the pin into the shoelace top piece thing its impossible.....

u just hella weak thts y u cant sakatarou

all you have to do is cut some of the tip off

Epic. I made one of these following this video and it is pretty great!

hey people who made this and it worked what kind of shoe lace do you use i cant find one that works

oh good another #$%@ing idiot showing us how to make a weapon i hope its your stupid ass that gets it in your eye

stop this kind of thing being shown.madness!!!!

why are u all bitching like kids...that #$%@ was kinda cool.

you whinny pussy's whats wrong with you there is a conventional use for everything even this its all up to the person how they use it for example I shot a possum that was breaking into my trailer in the face he didnt come back thanks man u rock don't listen to these dweebs.

are you serious about the possum? that is funny stuff lucas

very serious I didnt want to have to shank the bastered so I tried the blow gun worked like a charm didnt wanna kill him just teach him a lesson so this worked perfect.

why did it want to break into your trailer?

yea the old lady left out the dog and cat food

why waste a shoe lace just go buy a pack of plastic q tips cut them in half then melt the needle to the part u cut pull on the cotton tip a little an that's it this way u can make more for less money id use a straw from McD!

I think he used an McD straw...

WTF What a joke !!!

Now all you need is the resin from a poison dart frog, for your blow dart and you can get convicted of a felony... it's that simple!

very nice. I had fun making it. Quite entertaining(:

Shot my teacher in the side of the butt very off were I wanted to hit (Jugular) but she didnt even know who did it so retarded

LMAO, Funny but don't do it again...
You can get like kicked out of school for that

When I cut mine off, my needle fit right in, so whats all the crying about?

i got shoelace in my mouth

thats the kind of razor i use to cut myself ps im emo

good for you you idiot

great... all i need for now is sleeping potion paralyzed the target

.......hi im bob........i liked the vid........ sooooooo.........:\......bye

This works better with cotton shoelaces instead of nylon, cotton frays better and is thicker.

Hi people. I made one of those when I was in prison in Germany. every time one of the guards walked past at night i had fun shooting at them, never got cought eather, great fun.

lol all i need now is a poison dart frog

lol one in my school had one of those.

i ame going to have a real throing star

i just shot my brother !!!!!ha ha ha

in his eye hes gonna go to hospital now

Youtube - making the world more dangerous, one video at a time

I shot someone

does round sholace work?

And do those thin bendy straws work?

Id like to know why the #$%@ everyone keeps blocking out curse words with @#&*@# what the #$%@ is that #$%@ just say it. Damn!

lol sounded like he hooked up like a air compressor to it

i did this its kinda hard to get the pin through but i got it and it works good...



Dude thats cool but what i did is Nail,Chinese Bamboo,Plastic and ishot a bird and The Bird just Died...! Cool

why u saying it sucked?

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