News: Launch pencils with a crossbow made of junk

Launch pencils with a crossbow made of junk

Launch pencils with a crossbow made of junk Ughh, vacation is almost over.

Fret not. The Yellow Jacket is here. Brainchild of rogue, DIY, gun nut Evan, the Yellow Jacket is one of the most well-crafted desk drawer contraptions we've ever seen.

This is version 1.4. Evan, who suffered a broken arm during filming, claims that 1.0-1.3 were virtually inoperable. We're glad, unlike other internet web video auteurs, he did not upload his subpar attempts.

Make a pencil launching crossbow with junk


Interesting concept. What made me laugh is when you reviewed different pen's and their travel distance/penetration. Hahhaha

Thank you for saving me some time trying to build this contraption. Beware the DIY that has no results footage. They're doing everything in oragami and paper mache these days; these digital lovin', low down, dirty cotton pickin' scallywags.(Old school) Bastards!

yea this guys got his head on straight. hate the guns where you have to print out a pattern (papercraft)

so uninspired/lame


i like this alot very fun to shoot at stuff DO NOT AIM IT AT PEOPLE ANIMALS OR ANY BREAKABLE OBJECTS

next version should have a better lanching mechanism like a trigger

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