News: Gatling Slingshot Gun Fires Insane 960 Rounds Per Minute

Gatling Slingshot Gun Fires Insane 960 Rounds Per Minute

Never could we get enough of Jörg Sprave and his slingshot arsenal. His last weapon was the machete-shooting slingshot crossbow, just as deadly as it sounds. And now the German craftsman tackles the power of the Gatling gun. What will he think of next?

The original hand-cranked Gatling gun fired at a rate of 200 round per minute. But Jörg manages to accelerate the damage, nearly quintupling the speed. He even one-ups the popular gas-operated M16 assault rifle, which could fire up to 950 rounds per minute in full auto. The Gatling slingshot releases its 20mm ball ammunition by hand-cranking the wheel, just like the original Gatlings. The barrel rotates, releasing each elastic rubber band one by one in rapid succession, sending the deadly projectiles into the target at 960 rounds per minute. It's not technically fully automatic, but wow—who cares? For wood and rubber bands, it's pretty impressive.

Jörg's rapid-fire creation can also shoot in single shot mode.

And now that you've seen what it can do, check out what it looks like in slow motion! It may not match the beauty of the Phantom Flex, but you eerily get the point (thanks to the creepy slowed-down audio).

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