News: DroneGun Shoots UAVs Right Out of the Sky—Up to 1.2 Miles Away

DroneGun Shoots UAVs Right Out of the Sky—Up to 1.2 Miles Away

I don't know about you, but I'm totally freaked by the possibility that someone is spying on me using a tiny, flying robot, aka a drone. If you're unfamiliar with the technology, drones are unmanned aircrafts controlled remotely, often via video feed. They can be used to deploy weapons, conduct surveillance operations, and gather intelligence.

If the idea of someone hovering a potentially-weaponized drone over your house worries you, it's now possible to easily remove a drone from the air—or just send it back to where it came from—without destroying the hardware using the DroneGun.

DroneGun is a product of DroneShield, a drone detection technology company based out of Sydney, Australia and Virginia. According to Mashable, the gun stuns the drone in midair by jamming the radio frequency bands that communicate with the controller, so you can slowly lower the drone to the ground unharmed.

According to the product's website, the gun can identify and jam drones up to 2 kilometers, or about 1.2 miles away and can be operated by just one person. Allegedly, this does not require any technical training and is easy to use, although I bet it requires significant hand-eye coordination, or just a lot of time spent playing first-person shooters. The cool thing about this device is that the targeted drone is lowered peacefully to the ground in working order, which could be very useful for figuring out who is operating it.

Just a heads up, though, this device is not authorized by the FCC for use by anyone other than the US government and its agencies. So, unfortunately, unless you're working for the feds, using the DroneGun is totally illegal. Sorry! That's probably a good thing, since you wouldn't want someone plucking your Amazon Prime Air package out of the sky while it's in transit.

Image by DroneShield/YouTube

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Cover photo by DroneShield

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