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News: The World's First Pneumatic Cannon with Android-Powered Scope

When you think of spud guns, you think of potatoes flying through the air at high speeds and exploding into a fine mist of mashed starchiness. What you don't think is that a potato launcher can actually be useful, and not just for practicing your aim. Think of what would happen if you combined a normal spud cannon with the awesome power of the Plumett AL-52, a grappling hook launcher powered by compressed air. What you get it is a practical spud gun that can help slingshot Christmas lights ov...

News: Meticulously Crafted, Fully Functional Miniature Guns

Usually, miniature weaponry is constructed by fantasy hobbyists that have a fascination with toy-sized replicas and miniature wargames, like Warhammer or Gear Krieg. These handmade bite-sized weapons are just for show, accompanying their mini-armies with no actual functionality. But a different kind of hobbyist is showing us that miniature weapons can not only be small, but completely functional as well.

New Slingshot Ammo of Choice: Circular Saw Blades

Jörg Sprave's arsenal of homemade slingshots is impressive, to say the least, and each time he ups the ante, escalating the size and danger of his wooden contraptions. His machete-shooting crossbow wasn't enough, and neither was his Gatling-style slingshot gun or his "slingshot of mass destruction" that fired steel balls. But this time, Sprave might have gone too far. His new slingshot shoots circular saw blades! Saw blades are about as dangerous as you can get when it comes to razor-edged pr...

News: Adorably Lethal Mini Cannon

YouTube user 43287633 shows off his teeny, tiny functional cannon (self-proclaimed as one of the world's smallest, in fact). The cannon shatters light bulbs and glasses, punches holes in Coke cans, and explodes eggs. Adorably lethal, this has got to be the cutest tool of lethality I've ever seen.

News: DIY Business Card Fires Pennies

Whether you need a business card or not, I think all of us can enjoy a penny shooter. Thingverse user Clide made this awesome penny shooter business card, and best of all, he offers instructions on how to do-it-yourself. Clide's instructions (click through for templates):

News: Geek-Shooting Rubberband Machine Gun

It's the idea that counts. This geeky rubberband machine gun is pretty sweet looking... but I wish it had a little more force. The gun can very quickly shoot (200!) rubberbands, but it just tumbles those plastic cups over (see video below). Nonetheless, cool idea and cool design. Notably, the inventor is Japanese, the only country with a Rubber Band Gun Shooting Association (awesome).

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