How To: Tie a rope whip

Tie a rope whip

To tie a rope whip, you will need the following: 50' of ¼" rope, scissors, a tape measurer, and

Stretch your tape measurer out to 5'. Run your rope along the tape measurer, looping back, when you get to the end. Continue in this way until you have looped 5 times.

Make a star with your rope. Pick up one end of the star and fold it over the adjacent strand to its right, in the shape of number 4. Repeat this, as you work your way around, folding each new strand over the old.

When you make it back to the first loop, loop your last strand through it. Pull the ends, one at a time, until it cinched. When it is tight, you have made a "good luck knot".

Double two strands of rope. At 3", twist the rope, until it is tightly corded. When you have 6" of corded rope, tie a double knot. Tuck the loop of the tether through the good luck knot. Weave the ropes together the way you did the good luck knot. This will strengthen your handle.

Roll this in your hand against a solid surface. Trim the ends.

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