How To: Refletch an aluminum arrow with plastic fletches

Refletch an aluminum arrow with plastic fletches

In order to refletch an aluminum arrow with plastic fletches, you will need the following: replacement fletches, an arrow scraper, acetone, an arrow jig, straight clamps, paper towels, and a knife. To begin, place your arrow on a flat surface, hold it steady with one hand, while you scrape away the old fletch with an arrow scraper. Use you knife to scrape away all of the old glue. After you have cleaned your arrows, dampen a paper towel with acetone and wipe the shaft, until it is smooth. You may need to replace your nocks on the shaft. Number your clamps. Place your arrows in your arrow jig. Clean your shaft with acetone. Place the fletching in the shaft. Clean the shaft. Place some glue on the fletching. Attach the fletching to the arrow. Let it dry. Remove the arrow from the jig. Add extra glue at the joint. Align the nocks. Glue the nocks in place.

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