How To: Make a toothpick crossbow

Make a toothpick crossbow

How to Make a toothpick crossbow

To make a toothpick crossbow you will need : one rubber band; a mini saw; one long wooden meat skewer; a marker pen; a toothpick; scissors; duct tape; a hot glue gun; drill bits and a drill; a clothes pin with metal. Take the metal part away from the clothes pin and discard it. Place the pin parts back to back and draw a line at each end. Then draw a line down the inside surface of each half. Saw along this line without cutting the wood entirely. Ensure that your skewer passes through the hole area. Take four or five inches of duct tape and split it lengthways. Tape the two halves of pin back to back tightly together. Use a drill bit that is close to the same size as your bamboo skewer. Drill lengthways so that the skewer passes through the pins. Drill a hole as shown through the pin. Break off the blunt end of the skewer and attach it as a cross piece through the top hole, and widen the long hole again so that the skewer still passes through the whole pin lengthways. Cut off the point of the bamboo skewer. Glue the rubber band to each end of the cross piece. Insert the skewer through the inside of the pin, and glue the rubber band to the bottom end. Block the end of the pin with extra glue to stop the inside wood from flying through completely. Insert the toothpick into the open end, pull back the rubber band and ... fire!

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