How to Make a slingshot that shoots up to 600 feet

How to make a sling shot that can shoot up to 200 meters (or 600 feet). Slingshots are great fun - be careful what you shoot. Sling shots are powerful!


I liked your video. Some good insights. Also liked your review of the basics.
I had heard the the IRA uses miliary grade sling-shots.
I had always wondered if the design could be steamlined...

Slingshots are the most underestimated weapons of all time. Youth during WW II used them to harass the Nazi's with, and if they were caught, they were hung for it. A powerful slingshot and a 1/2 inch steel ball-bearing make for a deadly combination! Thanks for your tutorial.

Sling Bows are pretty cool. Take a slingshot put a whisker biscuit on it and replace the pouch with a piece of bow string.

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