How To: Make a Shotfun (A Double-Barrel Shotgun That Shoots Party Poppers)

Make a Shotfun (A Double-Barrel Shotgun That Shoots Party Poppers)

I took trap and skeet my senior year in college, and shooting clay disks in midair was one of the most satisfying things I've ever felt. Naturally, I wanted to buy a shotgun immediately, but they're pretty expensive and I didn't feel like getting a permit. So, what's the next best thing?

DIY slingshots.

It may not sound cool, but if you know who Jörg Sprave is, you know just how awesome a homemade slingshot weapon can be. With just a little time, wood, and rubber, you can easily slingshot machetes, circular saws, and ball ammunition Gatling-style.

Want something a little simpler and kid-friendly?

Try out Instructables user Kiteman's double-barrel shotfun. It's a little bit of shotgun and slingshot without the need for a permit—and you won't find yourself on the FBI's watch list or anything, because this thing only shoots party poppers.

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Kiteman used a pair of PVC pipe as the barrels, plywood for the handle and trigger, and a lot of tape. Since he had access to a laser cutter, he used that to create and cut his handle and stabilizer from this rendering.

But he did build a prototype just using plywood, and you could do the same rough design if you don't have a laser cutter lying around.

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The tall piece you see in the center of the image above acts like the trigger. The party popper is hooked into a little slot on the base, and when the lever is pulled, it in turn pulls the string back, which pops the popper. As you can see below, his laser cut version is a little tighter.

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Now, to be able to the load the barrels with the poppers, he had to cut a small opening to each of the pipes.

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A little glue and masking tapes holds all of the pieces together.

Once the glue is set and the piece are properly held, you're on your way to exploding party favors all over the place.

Now it's time to throw a party.

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