How To: Make a potato gun

Make a potato gun

This ignition based gun is good, although the spark is probably inferior to a taser based ignition. See how to make a high-quality potato launcher, otherwise known as the spud gun, or spud cannon, or potato cannon, or mashed potatoes maker, or potato gun, or whatever else it may be called, all with parts from the local hardware store. The instructions go by quick, but are definitely thorough, and you'll find out that this potato launcher is strong, sturdy, and easy to make, not to mention fun to shoot (at George Bush).


4" Plug
4" Cleanout
4" Adapter
4" Coupling
4" to 2" Reducer
2' of 2" PVC Pipe
Lantern Spark Igniter
PVC Cement
1 Can of Starter Fluid

(These are all ABS-DWV Schedule 40 PVC fittings)



george bush rulz!!!!!!! you all suck!!!!!!!!!

Yea Bush rules like his nemesis Saddam hussian he ruled our country into poverty dumba** read a book or news paper or something its people like you that help numbnutz ruin the country great choice of target and wicked toy thanks man.

Seriously, im not saying Bush rules, but all of you need to read a book. The country was in a whirl spin when Clinton was in office. Did Bush contribute, of course he did. Did Obama just triple our national deficit, without ROI? You betcha.

that is not lighter fluid! that is wd-40

please make a video of just multible shots of GW getting shot at probally about 10 hrs long LOL

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