How To: Make a pen bow

Make a pen bow

Material required to make a pen bow:


2)Plastic ballpoint pen

3)Rubber band

Procedure: First we need to dismantle the ballpoint pen, remove the pin and the bottom cover of the pen so that the refill can also be separated. Now take the middle tubular stem portion of the pen and make a slit on the top and bottom potion of the stem using the knife, the slit should be just 1 centimeter deep. Then we need to make a hole exactly in the middle potion of the stem, make a big hole in order that it can accommodate the pin of the pen, also cut the tip of the pin using the knife, so that the refill can easily go through the pin. Then in the middle hole which we just made, insert the pin such that the bottom portion of the pin goes inside the hole and the tip portion stays outside. Now take the rubber band and insert it into the slits that we made earlier, make sure the rubber band is tight and fits well inside the slits. Then test the bow using the refill as the arrow. Insert the refill inside the pin that is installed in the middle portion of the stem and then using the stem as bow and the refill as arrow aim any target and test for the quality.

This video tells us a very easy method of making a bow and an arrow using the normal ballpoint pen.

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