How To: Make an office crossbow

Make an office crossbow

See how to make an office crossbow in this video tutorial. What more could you need at the office to keep you busy, besides work.

To make this office crossbow, you'll need two regular pens, a plastic pen, a lot of rubber bands, a black clip, one big rubber band and a knife.

First of all, take out the plastic tube with the ink on both pens, then, place the two empty pens together with rubber bands attached to each side as shown.

After that, place the black clip at the end of any side of the pens and attach it with the rubber bands as shown.

Take the plastic pen (any plastic pen) and take out the plastic tube with the ink as shown. Then cut two notches on both sides of the empty plastic pen as shown with any kind of knife of some sort.

Finally, assemble the last part of the crossbow to the base of the crossbow with plenty of rubber bands as shown, followed by placing a rubber band on the notches of the plastic pen.

You place something small in-between the two pens so it won't fall off, then secure the rubber band with the clip, and to shoot, just press the clip and the rubber band will shoot your little object.

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