How To: Make a miniature bow and arrow out of a pen

Make a miniature bow and arrow out of a pen

See how you can make your very own miniature bow and arrow out of a pen. Just check out this video tutorial to see how! It's easy to make an effective mini weapon out of plain old household items.

The miniature bow and arrow offers protection against Naruto, Sasuske, and the Nine-Tailed Fox! Protect yourself! Defeat is not an option. Learn the skill of archery with this homemade bow and arrow from a pen and rubber band.


Simple to make, and fun to use at work ;)

i made one and i had fun using it at school

awesome lil dude rock on

ah its good to see a fellow school psychopath.

very cool, I dident see anything wrong with it!!:)

I believe that's the same weapon explained in John Austin's "Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction."

Great video i make things like this at school and sell them but then i make one for myself thats way better than the ones i make for everyone else XD

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