How To: Make a mini crossbow with ease

Make a mini crossbow with ease

In this video we are shown how to make a miniature crossbow. The necessary items to construct this are duct tape, scissors, ten toothpicks, and one small rubber band. Begin with four toothpicks and a four inch piece of duct tape. Cut the duct tape down the center, then cut that smaller piece down the center once more. Duct tape two of the toothpicks together, with one piece of the duct tape at the front and one at the back. Repeat this with the other two toothpicks. Form a cross with the two toothpick pairs, with one slightly towards the front and duct tape them together. Next, take the rubber band and stretch it across the toothpick pair that was positioned slightly forward, securing each end between the toothpicks. Then, at the rear of the other pair take another toothpick and puncture it through the duct tape so that a small portion comes out of the other side. Once it is secure between them, cut the toothpick in half and attach this portion in the same manner slightly in front of it. This will be the trigger. To make the bolts, take another toothpick and cut one of the ends off. rest it between the two toothpicks that comprise the body, pull back the rubber band and launch.

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