How To: Make a mini crossbow out of K'nex

Make a mini crossbow out of K'nex

K'nex provides a short way of making a powerful cross bow.
To make a cross bow, first collect the materials as shown in the video. Initially take the yellow connectors and arrange them straight. Arrange the arrow holder and fix at one corner of the yellow connectors. Now arrange the wings of the bow and place them at another corner of the connectors. Provide a base to the wings and connect the wings to the base. The base material is yellow in color. Using rubber bands tie up the two wings. Use another rubber band to stretch the arrow holder and fix a plastic arrow. You will notice that the bolt does not stand up straight; this ensures that the function is correct. The distance and speed depends type of rubber band used. For best results use Sunday paper rubber bands. If you follow these steps, you can make a mini cross bow!

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Easy to make and has a strong mixture of accurcay and power.

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