How To: Make a Mini Crossbow from Bottle Caps & Popsicle Sticks

Make a Mini Crossbow from Bottle Caps & Popsicle Sticks

This miniature crossbow is great fun for target practice, and made solely from household items. It's really simple to make and easy to shoot. And you can even combine this with the flaming arrows I showed you how to make before.

Materials Needed

  • Plastic bottle top
  • 2 lollipop / popsicle sticks
  • Strong elastic band
  • Cocktail stick, toothpick, skewer, or cotton bud
  • Thin and medium size screwdriver

How to Make the Mini Crossbow

Full instructions for how to build this tiny crossbow are given in my short video below.

You now have a fun mini crossbow, get ready for some target practice!

Try using a cardboard box as a target, or if you're using the fire arrows (you can see how to make those in my previous guide on making a mini bow and arrow), only use them outside, somewhere safe where nothing can catch fire, and keep some water close by just in case.

Make sure you don't hold the fire arrow in the crossbow for too long so you don't set the stick or bottle top on fire.

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This is much harder than it looks. I tried to do it with my class and it took me two days working on it and I never got one right. The plastic on the caps of the pop bottles is much thicker than the caps that he had and it was impossible to penatrate them with a screw driver.

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