How To: Make a marshmallow shooter gun

Make a marshmallow shooter gun

Learn how to make a marshmallow shooter gun, craft toy video.

½ inch p.v.c. Pipe needs about 10 ft piece (called schedule 40- has a little bit thicker wall than some other types of pipes used for water drain off.) Costs a little less than $2.00
-Coping saw, hack saw, back saw, hand saw, miter box if you have one
- 2- 90 degree elbow fittings (smooth not threaded)
- 2- T fittings
- 2 caps
- Mini Marshmallows for ammo
Step one-
Pipe needs to be cut into 4- 3inch pieces. Take your 10ft p.v.c. Pipe and mark it into 3 inch pieces with a pencil. Carefully use your choice of saw to cut along these marks.
Step two-
Your going to need 2-5inch pieces, so go ahead and mark them on the pipe and cut along those lines.
Step three- Now mark and cut a 7-inch piece.
Step four- Once you have your straight pipes cut, lay them out according to the video. Place your elbows, "T" fittings and caps according to the video.
Step five- Use a knife and sand paper to scrape off the "burrs" of the plastic. Spend some extra time on the top pipe; this is where your mouth will go.
Step six- assemble your pieces, make sure they all fit snugly and go all the way down.
You can also at this time remove all the stickers and use sand paper to sand off all the markings that companies have placed on the pipe. After doing that take the "gun" to a place to wash it with soap and water. Your gun is now finished. All the pieces should fit without any glue or adhesives; in fact you will need to take it apart for routine maintenance. Your marshmallow gun is now ready for use. Keep out of reach of young children due to chocking hazards and make sure older children are well supervised.

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