How To: Make a James Bond's 007 burning blue laser gun

Make a James Bond's 007 burning blue laser gun

The world's first look at James Bond's new blu-ray burning laser weapon! Make your own with Kipkay and his XBOX 360 hack. Disassemble a 360 HD DVD drive to extract the blue diode. Then install it in an airsoft CO2 powered gun modeled after James Bond's gun of choice. The weapon will burn through electrical tape, light matches and burn bright blue the whole time! Schematics and parts are also available.


Kipkay's done this sort of thing before with red diodes. It's not really new stuff.

how much voltage ? at dide?

like ur gonna waste a perfectly good xbox 360 hd dvd drive for somethin that pathetic, and i would be to careful to order an individual diode off some website which i dont think can be trusted with my money.

rich bastards trashing an ENTIRE 360, i can't even afford 1

P.S. i like the first james bond part and how the bloods blue

P.S.S also the end is cool when u destroy the stuff with the laser

this is fake if the laser has that much power then it will mess up your xbox 360 games

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