How To: Make homemade tiger tail stars fireworks

Make homemade tiger tail stars fireworks

This video shows how to make homemade tiger tail stars fireworks. We need dextrin, Potassium nitrate (Kno3)(saltpeter),gloves,Charcoal,Ruler for cutting the stars, Bowl, mixing bowl, Paper towel for cleaning up. Start by Weighing 44 gms of Kno3,6 gms of Sulpher,44 gms of Charcoal and 6 gms of dextrin. Next put them in the mixing bowl and mix well. Put on the gloves. Take some water and add little bit of water to the mix until the mix is like play-doh. Take a wax piece of paper and lay the tiger tail mix onto it. Start to flatten it out and cut them into squares. After that let it dry for 2-3 days.

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