How To: Make a homemade paintball gun

Make a homemade paintball gun

This video demonstrates how to make a homemade paintball gun or Nerf gun.The materials required for it are a coke (soda) plastic bottle, CPVC) (PVC) (copper) valve, scissors, half inch PVC or tubing pump, Teflon tape, hot glue gun tape. PVC glue is optional.The basics method to make a paintball gun is shown here. The shape and form of the gun depend on your creativity. Firstly take the coke bottle, small bottles work better. Make a hole in the back part of the bottle and start cutting the edges to make it bigger. Do not cut too much. Your hole should fit perfectly with the hose of the pump. Then connect the pump to the bottle, to make a better air seal cover the hose with Teflon tape to fit perfectly in the hole, then cover everything with hot glue. Continue with the valve, a PVC valve is taken here. First of all the PVC should fit perfectly in the bottle. Then, connect your valve to the PVC tube. Make an air seal in the valve. A simple tip is to warm it over a candle. Then cover all this with hot glue and electrical tape, this is to stick all in place and prevent leaks. Finally your basic homemade paintball gun is ready.At the end a bit of advice is do not pump it too much because it can explode. Be safe and have fun!

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