How To: Make a homemade missile launcher

Make a homemade missile launcher

This is the coolest homemade missile launcher ever!! Shoots Estes rockets better than any other! Just a trip to a hardware store and a electronic store, and you could be shooting missiles off of your shoulder in no time.


bahaha you bloody terriost mate :P well done

i made one and im gonna buy a rocket with a compatrment(they Make them) fill it with gun powder and put a primer on the front so it actually blows up =D

You are crazy that's awesome keep doing videos like this one

awesome! Makes me want to race down to the store and start making my own!

what do you mean dont do this at home Im going to make one bigger and it all your fault, just kidding that was real cool


I MADE 1 THAT WORKS !!!!!!!!

that #$%@s sweet!!!!!

wow! thats insane... how much u want for it? lol


oh hohohoho you crazy bastard. good job

if i could meet you i would make you give me one! lol

You have just gotten me pregnant with my own inner terrorist, and in a couple of months, he will be born in the form of THIS DEMON. Good work, you've doomed us all.

i wish u had a tutorial on how to do this haha

WTF! The video won't play!

someone was bored, lol. Who came through the door?

fill a one liter coke bottle with pvc glue for explosive napalm effect, put the nose cone on the cap of the bottle, use a 2 inch ( or so) pvc adaptor to go from 2 inch to the size you need to the rest of the rocket. remote test it first but you will have a full on explosive weapon. be careful and good luck... and thanks

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