How To: Make a homemade crossbow out of pencils

Make a homemade crossbow out of pencils

Did you know with four unsharpened pencils, about twenty rubber bands, tape, a pen, and one screwdriver, you could kill someone? Nah, impossible! Nope, not according to the kid who made this how-to video on making a crossbow. So, watch this video tutorial to see how to see how to make it a lethal crossbow yourself. Now, remember, it's only lethal if you point it at somebody, so don't. Stay safe and keep everyone else safe. If you just have to shoot this pencil crossbow weapon at somebody, do it during a terrorist attack, on a terrorist, of course.


How many extra rubber bands would you have to put at the intersection if you added another pair of rubber bands to the sling part?

that #$%@ go cutty,,,,,,,,,now tha music.......

i like it

how many rubber band i have to add to kill a hippo?

probly about 15 rbs

i like it! its not lethal, but its good for making holes!

more rubber bands, more pain!!!!! yeah....

It can't kill, but sure can give you some pain

what is with the music?

how many rubberbands will it take to kill a bird

true that I'm trying to at my school


ya wats name of the tunes

wow i wonder how much rubber band will it take to hurt my bigger brother?

fukking music

That was awsome dude you got a facebook??? lol i wana know what ur maken next : D

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