How To: Make a homemade BB gun or pea shooter

Make a homemade BB gun or pea shooter

The young man suggests using a tube such as plastic plumbing. Cut an inch chuck of the plumbing tube for this project, anything from 1/2 to 3/4" in width, preferably a 3/4". Other possibilities could be cutting up a film canister or anything as long as you can see through it.Supplies that you will need are: a rubber glove, a utility knife or scissors and electrical tape. Now cut off one of the fingers on the glove, cut two in case you need it. Cut off enough tape to go around the tube. Slip rubber finger over the tube about halfway down. Wrap the tape around the finger on the tube to hold it in place. If you cut too little of the tape, you can always add an extra piece. The tape needs to be snug. To reinforce it you can cut and wrap another piece of tape on the previous piece. Save the other finger for future use because after about 200 BB's you'll need to replace it. Soft air BB's are the best kind. The copper ones wear out the rubber a lot faster. Now set up a target against a wall. This guy has three circles, one inside of each other. Stand about 10 to 15 feet away from the target. Put the BB inside the finger and pull the rubber finger back with your right hand while holding the tube with your left hand and release. This shoots the BB out to the target. The young man shoots a standard BB gun and compares for accuracy and the handmade one was just as accurate.

Make a homemade BB gun or pea shooter

Make a homemade BB gun or pea shooter Click through to watch this video on

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