How To: Make a flamethrower with a super soaker

Make a flamethrower with a super soaker

Okay, you have a super soaker and some flammable liquid, what do you want to do? Have a barbeque and squirt your neighbors with water? No, why not combine the two?

Watch this here video to see how to make a long rage flamethrower using household items, i.e. lighter fluid and a water gun. if you think you're an idiot, then join these other idiots (hey, the video says it itself) with some fire fun. This is dangerous, so be careful. Gas squirt gun flamethrowers can hurt people.


you mad c*nts haha ! good job! very impressive! well worth the 1:39mins of my life!


this is F@#$ing sweet!

SWEET DOG DID IT(hold the gun ad fire away frome ur body so if u drop it u don't brun ur legs)have fun with it don't #$%@ urself

duh duh duh dayuMM!!!!!!!!!

what would happen if you continuously held down the trigger on the actual gun? and how the ef does it shoot that far???? is it still burning in mid air??

You're giving people a reason to hold you accountable for some serious damage. Most cheaper squirt guns have leaks, right out of the box. This can be extremely problematic.

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