How To: Make a DIY throwing spear for hunting

Make a DIY throwing spear for hunting

The throwing spear is one of the oldest parts of the human hunting arsenal, and one of the most challenging to kill something with. If you want to get in touch with your hunting roots though, this video will show you how to do so by making your own hunting spear out of household materials, plus a bayonet.

From the Creator:

1. A straight stick, sapling, broom stick, or dowel rod.
2. A solid metal knife without a handle, a boot knife, throwing knife, or bayonet will do.
3. Artificial sinew.
4. Bolts (and nuts) that will fit snug in the holes in the knife.
5. Polyurethane (optional)
6. Duct tape (optional)
7. Tools to get it done, I used a hand saw, drill, and a grinder. Drill bits need to be the same diameter as the size of the bolts.

I didn't have the most proper tools, but I still made due, this is what I did... First I got all the things I needed listed above, I then took a hand saw and made the cut down the middle of the dowel rod. I made parallel cuts so the knife would fit. Make sure you know how far to cut in, make a mark. It was very tricky, I had to resort to using a drill to even some of it out, it didn't look pretty but it still turned out fine. Hold the knife on the side even with the new cut where it will be seated, mark where the holes on the knife are on the dowel rod. If it doesn't have holes you will need to drill your own. Drill the holes in the dowel rod, the drill bit you use should be the same size as the bolt! It is critical you buy the same sized bolts as the size of the holes in the knife. Tighten the bolts down, put the nuts on them and get them snug, don't make them too tight because you might split the wood. Cut off excess bolt, I used a grinder. Get some artificial sinew and get wrapping, don't be afraid to use a lot, extra support never hurts. If you want, spray the artificial sinew with polyurethane and wrap it with duct tape. Enjoy.

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