How To: Make a cheap flamethrower

Make a cheap flamethrower

See how to make a flamethrower for under fifteen dollars in this video. That's right, your very own flamethrower. You've always wanted one, so go out and make one so you can shoot flames into the night sky.

Step one: get a super soaker. Step two: get a can of WD40 (the more the better). Step three: rubber cement.

After all of that, you'll have one heck of a flamethrower. Just don't burst those flames onto your neighbor's car or anything, and you'll probably not want to catch yourself on fire either.


good way to blow yourself up... figure a way to prevent blowback before trying this yourself kids unless you wanna end up in the burn unit

You're gonna end up in a hospital,kid.

I use a larger super soaker and a mixture of gasoline, rubbing alcohol, and leave aerosols out of it. Also, the fact that you light the nozzle on fire will melt the plastic nozzle and close the hole. You could also easily track the flame up into the tank and blow up like the guys in the D-Day scene of Saving Private Ryan.

can it work wif other water guns??????????

yes, rubber cement the stick onto the end where the nozzle is :D

get ur brains lubricated

mate that's pretty stupid, do you want to get blown up ? tape a stick to the end put some rubber cement on the end of the stick and set that on fire, problem solved.

yeah you can either use the stick idea or what i've seen work is get a very cheap gun the type that you don"t have to build pressure get the one when the pump is the only way to shoot ie: one without a trigger and the viola you got it because the ones that build pressure is more than likely to suck air back in the nozzle in order to compinsate for the unequal pressure levels

smithy,what end?the gun?


it'd look cooler if the water gun wasnt these florescent colours.
i saw a video to make a cooler looking one on youtube that wasn't constantly lit. but it looked pretty damn complex.
good job, good video, good flame thrower?

You can use Gas either, fill up the Water gun with gas, get a lighter, hold it infront of the water gun , pull the trigger, it's much better.

dude just get a can of hair spray or air freshener then hold up a lighter or any flame source then spray! or use hydrogen peroxide.

The rubber cement gives off highly toxic fumes when it isn't being burned. While it is, however, gives off even deadlier fumes. This is cool but a dangerous way to make a flamethrower. Hell, any flamethrower is dangerous, but only in the hands of a retard.

just hold a lighter in front of a can of Axe

big and sexy hairspray or any hairspray is way better

i am about to go to the store to buy the stuff. i have a triple shot super soaker. i hope it works! wish me luck! =)

IT WORKED!!!!!!!! AWESOME!!!! You had to pump my super soaker though, so it only produced one flame at a time I wish I had a better soaker!

Looks kinda dangerous, if you get a gust of wind moving towards you as the spray comes out then you are going to set yourself on fire. I wouldn't recommend that anyone go playing with fire based on my advice but a safer alternative would be to buy one of those wands from a garden centre which are used to burn weeds and finding a way to give the flames an extra boost on tap. Just don't get the business end of one anywhere near you or anything remotely flammable, modified or not.

If you want to get really fancy, you could use a CO2 canister to pressurize the soaker. this would stop you having to pump, and since it's CO2 it would prevent fires inside the gun itself.

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