How To: Make a bush bow

Make a bush bow

In this video from Forest Monkey, Tom Veshon demonstrates how to make a bush bow. All the materials you need can be found in the forest. The bow requires live branches, preferably from hard woods. Use a knife to cut off any smaller branches. For arrows, look for a sapling that's hard and straight. He makes three sticks that are about four feet long. He binds the sticks together with strong cord at both ends. He makes a center grip by wrapping rope around the center of the three sticks to the width of his hand. He strings the bow by tying a rope that's a couple inches shorter than the sticks to both ends of the bow and pulling it tight. To make arrows, he demonstrates how to split the end of a stick with a knife and he adds flights by tying them into place. He cuts a notch in the arrow to hold it on the bow. He explains that he simply sharpens the stick to make an arrow point. This video shows that you can make a simple bush bow for hunting and survival in the wilderness.

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