How To: Make a blowdart and blowpipe

Make a blowdart and blowpipe

Learn how to make a dangerous blowpipe with a few simple items. This video tutorial will show you that all you need are some common household items like a water bottle, a straw, and a few simple tools to make an awesome blowpipe. Oh, and this video also shows you how to make some great blowdarts, too. You can't have one without the other, can you?


whoa! it really buried itself in the wood...that would be really lethal lol :) really nice

it will kill someone so watch out

i made a blow dart/gun with the end of shoe strings; i cut about a cm away from the plastic and frayed the loose ends, stuck a sturdy pin inside, took a pen apart and it flies about 30 feet, sticks in everything besides metal obviously

wow, thats powerful if it can stick through metal caps

what is the song tell me plzz

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