How To: Make an awesome crossbow out of paper

Make an awesome crossbow out of paper

The items required to construct a crossbow out of paper would be scotch tape a clothespin, scissors, several rubber bands and paper. First were making the shaft roll a piece of paper about 1/2 in diameter and tape it closed. Then make another one identical to what you just created. After that tape them together a the ends. Roll a 3rd paper like the other 2. Then roll several pieces of paper around a pencil. once rolled no need to tape it. stack several pencil papers inside each other. Next you want to grab the shaft you made and cut a design in the end to reinforce the bow. next take the pencil shaft paper and attach it like a T-bone securing it with a lot a lot of tape. glue the clothespin to the back of the shaft on it side. make 2 incisions on the end of the bow put down for a second. Grab 3 rubber bands and tie them together do one at time fold it and pull tightly. place rubber band on slits of bow. Pull rubber band back to clothespin and have fun

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