How To: Make an atlatl deadly dart shooter

Make an atlatl deadly dart shooter

Headline: How to make an ancient spear throwing device -- the Atlatl Description: This device pre-dates even the bow-and-arrow, and can accelerate a spear to over 100 MPH, enough to pierce a mammoth's hide. Make Magazine describes how to make this weapon that is still used in Amazon jungle. This is made from a 1x4" piece of pine, a couple of wooden dowels, some twine, and some 8" duck feathers. - The atlatl handle is about 24" long, and the pattern is available on It can be cut out with a band saw or sabre saw, and a hole saw for the 1" hole. - Sand it so that it will be easy to hold. - A small 1/4' peg will be inserted at 1 end, you will need to drill a hole at 45 degrees -- start with a small drill bit and finish with the 1/4" bit. - Fit the peg in with glue. - This peg will take a lot of stress, so wrap it with twine and add glue to strengthen this. - Then make some spears (or darts, if you prefer) from the dowels. Start by whittling a sharp point on end. - On the other end, drill out a very shallow hole with a 1/4" drill bit. - Then glue on 2 duck feathers and reinforce with twine and glue. - When all is dry, throw the dart using the atlatl handle. Hold the atlatl handle, fit the shallow hole of the dart into the dowel on the handle and flip the handle forward, accelerating the dart.

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