How To: Make an air duster office weapon with Kipkay

Make an air duster office weapon with Kipkay

Compressed air tactics. Shoot eraser tips at high-speed with this EZ to make annoying teaser. Kipkay presents this tutorial on making a fun office prank weapon. Hack a can of compressed air into an erasor shooter.


are you serious, it barely came out fast.

it didnt go far
it looked like it just fell out of the tube

How are you suppose to hurt someone with that it flew downward?

ew. 1. it didnt go very far.
2. didnt launch hard enuff,
3. dats dangerous.

I don't really think the point is to hurt someone. It's to make those boring office days a bit more fun. Come on, this beats rubber band wars.

LMAO. U right bout dat. But it is still dangerous tho.

That thing is crap. A much better suggestion is simply to light the gas discharge from the end of the straw. This creates a surprisingly ferocious fireball. Remarkably I have found this fireball is self sustaining even when the source of ignition is removed (ie. the lighter). Try it, but be careful!

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