How To: Create the Pop Bottle Rocket Launcher

Create the Pop Bottle Rocket Launcher

Today I'm going to show you how to create a simple pop bottle launcher that can shoot you bottles up to 100 feet in the air. This device is great for to make and fun for the kids to watch. Its also safe and easy to make, using a very minimal amount of tools.

Step 1: Gather Your Material

  1. 3 x 20" Long Pvc Pipe
  2. 1 x 2" Long Pvc Pipe
  3. 2 x Reducing Bushing
  4. 2 x Ball Valves
  5. 2 x Male Threaded Adapter
  6. 1 x 3 Way Tee
  7. 1 x Elbow
  8. 1 x Water Hose Adapter
  9. 1 x Compressor Hose Nipple
  10. 1 x Nail
  11. String
  12. Drill Bit
  13. PVC Primer and Glue

Step 2: Create the Tee

Attach the 3 20" long pipes to the tee using glue and primer

Step 3: Attach the Elbow

When attaching the elbow make sure that it points straight up, you want your bottle to fly straight up.

Step 4: Attach the 2" Piece of Pipe

Need to glue on the 2 inch piece of pipe to the elbow, this is where our bottle is going to sit on when completed.

Step 5: Screw on the Male Adapters

Next we screw on the 2 male adapters to the ball valves, make sure to use a little thread paste on every threaded piece we put together on this project.

Step 6: Glue on the Male Adapters

Once the adapters have been screwed on to the valves, we need to glue both of them on to the 2 ends of our launcher. Screw on the valves before gluing them on so that you can make sure the valves point up when done.

Step 7: Finish Up the Ends

When then need to screw on the water hose adapter on one end, and the 2 reducing bushing plus the air compressor nipple on the other end. Don't forget to always use thread paste.

Step 8: Our Last Step

The last step is to drill a hole in the pop bottle neck while is is sitting on the piece of 2 inch pipe. This hole should be about the size of your nail, which you will attach to a string so that you can pull the nail out when needed from a safe distance. This is what will release the bottle in to the air when the pressure has been turned on.

Our Project Is Now Completed and Ready to Launch

This is what the project looks like when completed. Hope you enjoy this tutorial, and if you wish to view more of our projects visit our youtube channel or our website.

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