How To: Crack a bullwhip with the Volley

Crack a bullwhip with the Volley

Here's a video giving a little more information on how to do "the volley." Adam Winrich is using a 16-plait six-foot kangaroo bullwhip that he made himself. And just so you know, he currently holds the Guinness World Record for the most bullwhip cracks in a minute, and this is the whip he used.

The volley is best done with a well-made whip, with firm plaiting, 4-7 ft long if a bullwhip, or 3-6 ft long if a stockwhip. If your whip is really supple, like a wet noodle, or a piece of rope, you will find the volley difficult to do well.


love your video. you are truly awesome. great job. quick question. im looking at an 12 plait 12 ft kang hide short handled bullwhip(not the reason why but looks like the one indiana jones had). with much practice and instruction. will i ba able to complete the cracks that you have mastered on your main video? email. would love to hear from you.

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