How To: Build a wooden crossbow with string, PVC, and glue

Build a wooden crossbow with string, PVC, and glue

Build a wooden crossbow with string, PVC and glueTake a plank of 3/4" wood of any kind as long as it's strong. Make a long 11.5" cut. It must be straight. Angles don't have to be the same, but the shape should be the same. Cut 3.5" piece off the wood going 1" down. Use 3/4" wood. Cut 8"X1" cuts using the band saw. Cuts are made 1/4-1" on one end of piece. Cut down in a curved way. On the other side cut an inch in as close to the edge as possible without making the wood weak. The two cut pieces should fit. The next two pieces are a paint stirring stick cut in half with holes in each side. They will hold the dowel that makes the trigger of the crossbow. The trigger should be narrow, strong plywood and it must fit in already cut pieces of wood. Make the dip in front of the wood. It is a trough curve. Make it straight. Sand the pieces. Draw lines so that you know where to put the rail. The main body pieces are popsicle sticks. They form the rail. Trim the sticks. Glue the pieces together using wood glue. The bow is a 16" PVC pipe tube cut in half lengthwise. Drill holes in both sides and attach the string. Attach the trigger to the body. Glue paint sticks together with the dowel in the hole. Measure the main body piece on either side to make sure they are next to each other. Place dowel in, place trigger on it and mark where hole goes. Attach trigger.

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