How To: Build a Cheap Carrot-Firing Pneumatic Rifle in 15 Minutes

Build a Cheap Carrot-Firing Pneumatic Rifle in 15 Minutes

We've seen potato guns, miniature guns, and even paper guns, but how about a carrot gun? This one isn't playing around: it can fire a carrot fast enough to pierce a cardboard box and a gallon jug of water, which I'd say is pretty impressive for a vegetable. In the video below, How To Lou shows us how he made this awesome carrot-firing rifle with about $15 worth of parts and an air compressor, and about 15 minutes of spare time.

He started with some CPVC pipe, an air compressor fitting, Teflon tape, and some CPVC cement. After cutting everything to the right length with a table saw, all that was left to do was put the pieces together with a little cement. To load the gun, Lou just puts a carrot into the barrel, cuts off the extra, and uses a ramrod to shove it through. It's as simple as that! Just watch the video above for step-by-step instructions and to see him fire it.

This is very similar to your run-of-the-mill pneumatic spud guns, but the carrot makes for a nice sharpshooting projectile. What else do you think would work as ammo in this?

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