How To: Attach a feather to an arrow shaft

Attach a feather to an arrow shaft

How to Attach a feather to an arrow shaft

In order to attach a feather to an arrow shaft, you will need the following: real feathers, acetone, feather fast fletching tape, scissors, and a paper towel. Left and Right wing helicals are named according to the wing that it was removed from the bird. It doesn't refer to the dominant hand of the shooter. Clean a shaft with acetone and a paper towel. Then, place it in the jig. Clean the clamp to remove old glue. Place the feather in your clamp. Make sure it is aligned properly. Make sure that the shaft is properly aligned. If not, you'll need to adjust your jig. Run the fletching tape along the clamp. Trim it with scissors. Rub it. Then, peel it off. Press the clamp to the shaft.

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