Airports Will Never Be Safe: How Anyone Could Build Bombs, Guns, & Other Weapons Using Items in the Terminal

How Anyone Could Build Bombs, Guns, & Other Weapons Using Items in the Terminal

While the TSA was enacted for the safety of the people after the attacks on September 11th, since then it's been viewed as an annoying inconvenience—not because they make us remove our shoes, belts, and liquids, but due to their blatantly discriminatory and unfair actions against the elderly, women, and minorities. There are alternatives (crowd-sourced and private security), but they're not viable options, which means we're going to be stuck with the TSA for a long time.

What if I told you that even with the TSA's intrusive tactics, we're still not safe from terrorists or maniacal psychotics? Apparently, it's fairly easy to get guns, bombs, and other melee weapons on the plane—MacGyver-style. Just like prisoners can fashion shanks out of toothbrushes, evildoers can make fragmentation grenades out of frappuccino mugs.

In the short video documentary video below, VICE follows Evan Booth, a computer programmer and security researcher who can create different types of explosives, firearms, and hand-to-hand combat weapons from shit that you can buy (or find) at the airport.

If you want to jump straight into what these weapons are and how they are made, let's cover some of the most dangerous and deadly ones, each of which has an accompanying DIY video guide by Booth. Obviously, you should never create these weapons at the airport, but it's incredible to see just how useless the TSA is after all.

DIY Explosives: The Fraggucino Grenade

Made from a stainless steal mug, a condom, and a few other simple items, the Fraggucino is a DIY explosive device that uses a glass Christmas ornament filled with water, which then releases onto lithium batteries with the help of Axe Body Spray.

DIY Guns: The Blunderbussness Class Shotgun

Evan also has the BLUNDERBUSSness Class—a freaking break-action shotgun. Designed from batteries, a hair dryer and batteries, the shotgun uses electricity to rupture a condom filled with water, which then violently reacts with lithium metal, causing a bottle of Axe Body Spray to explode and send out shrapnel (in his case, pennies) flying out of the barrel.

DIY Hand Weapons: The Chucks of Liberty

If it's hand-to-hand weapons you're worried about, those are even easier to make, like the Chucks of Liberty, DIY nunchaku (or nunchuks) made from strands of a leather belt, Statue of Liberty magnets, magazines, and tape.

DIY Hand Weapons: The Murica Spiked Club

Something even more sturdy is the Murica, a DIY spiked bat from magazines and several patriotic items, like the rolled up Constitution and a Washington Monument pencil sharpener.

DIY Explosives: The Killer Suitcase IED

Easily the most difficult in this arsenal of airport-created weapons, Booth's Parting Gifts from a Grouchy Man is remote controlled luggage bag stuffed with flammable material capable of creating a small incendiary explosion.

And That's Just Some of Them...

If those didn't sound dangerous enough for you, Booth has plenty of other DIY weapons that could be made using things found in an airport terminal, including a remote detonator, crossbow, slingbow, pewter slugs, a blowgun, and more. To check out his other creations, head on over to his website, Terminal Conucopia, for more information.


That's a scary thought..... Now we just need ways to stay safe!!

I hope the TSA sees this and realizes how useless they are.

I don't think they will ever understand how useless they are, ever.

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