Hot Specialized Weapons How-Tos

How To: Construct an instant, no-fire ninja smoke bomb for quick escapes

Some of the most distinctive tools of the ninja in popular culture are the smoke bombs they throw at the ground the instantly go off without lighting them, yielding a dense cloud of smoke through which they escape. This video will show you how to make ninja smoke bombs at home you can use to make yourself vanish. Very useful for family gatherings and corporate meetings. Active ingredients include stump killer and matchheads, both always fun.

How To: Make a high-powered stun gun

In this video tutorial, you will learn how to make a high-powered stun gun out of easily obtained supplies. This easy to find materials would be some wire strippers, some wire, needle nose pliers, rubber gloves, a knife, scissors, a screwdriver, and an old disposable camera. Once you make this powerful taser (or stun gun), be careful, because this device delivers a VERY powerful shock.

How To: Turn an Electric Stapler into the Simplest Coil Gun Ever

One of the coolest things about coil guns is that they're powered by electricity. Usually, if you want to DIY one, the coil itself is the most expensive part. Don't want to buy one? You can either make one yourself, or steal one from another device you aren't using like How To Lou did with his electric stapler turned coil gun. To build it, Lou used the coil from an electric stapler, some PVC, and a few other small things you probably have lying around like electrical tape and a nail. Once he ...

How To: Make a paintball gun into an airsoft grenade launcher

Are you an experienced paintball player who has long-since moved past that crappy pump gun you bought at Wal-Mart when you were 15? This handy video will show you how to repurpose it into an airsoft grenade launcher with only a few simple materials. Breathe new life into that early piece of your paintball history and make it way more destructive than it has ever been before!

How To: Make a simple (but powerful) rubber-band slingshot

In this tutorial, we learn how to make a simple rubber-band slingshot. First, grab a strip of paper and fold it up in small folds until you reach the top of it. After you do this, fold it up to more times to get the thickest and smallest piece of paper you can get. Now, take your rubber band and place it between your thumb and pointer finger. Now, place the paper in the middle of the rubber band, then pull the rubber band back with your other hand and the paper will go into the air. Be carefu...

How To: Tie a rope whip

To tie a rope whip, you will need the following: 50' of ¼" rope, scissors, a tape measurer, and Stretch your tape measurer out to 5'. Run your rope along the tape measurer, looping back, when you get to the end. Continue in this way until you have looped 5 times.

How To: Make a "Deadly" Pneumatic PVC Nerf Dart Gun

PVC is some pretty versatile stuff, especially when it comes to homemade weapons. You can make a homemade paintball gun, a carrot-firing rifle, or even the Burrito Blaster spud gun. YouTuber Top City Gear (aka Drew) made a PVC blowgun a few months ago, but he wanted something that packed a little more punch, so he built a pneumatic Nerf gun that looks like it really hurts—watch him try it out on his friend in the video below (skip to about a minute in to see it in action).

How To: Make a homemade BB gun from a ballpoint pen

Bukullu69 of YouTube found a way to make a bb gun at home, and he is instructing us how to do so. First, you must get a ballpoint pen, and remove the ink tube, so you get a hallow cylinder. Then take a mechanical pencil, and remove the lead tube, leaving you with a hallow cylinder with an eraser on it. Now cut the mechanical pencil tube to a length slightly shorter than the ballpoint pen tube, cutting off the end where the lead usually comes out. Insert the mechanical pencil tube into the pen...

How To: Make a Mini Wooden Crossbow

Hi, guys. I had a lot of requests on how to make a real miniature crossbow, so I did a tutorial—and it took me quite some time to do it. I would appreciate it if you guys could like the vid, give some kudos, and comment. To see how to make the mini arrows, click here.

How To: Make a homemade crossbow or slingshot

Everyone recognizes slingshots - they remind us of Dennis the Menace, Leave it to Beaver or another precocious TV kid. Slingshots are classic weapons - they are easy and cheap to make and can be pretty effective if used right. In this video, learn how to make an inexpensive slingshot out of common household items. Just follow along with this step by step and you will be slingin' in now time!

How To: Pick locks with a lock pick gun

In this video, we learn how to pick a lock using a lock picker. To do this, you will need a locked door and a lock-picking gun. First, grab the type of pick you need for the lock you have and then go online to see a video of how the lock you are dealing with works. Now, put the lock picker into the machine and place it into the lock you want to unlock. Once you feel the lock open up, you will be able to open up the lock! Make sure to avoid damage to the lock by using the correct picking tool.

How To: Cheaply make a good firecracker

First you take 4 to 5 caps and use an sharp object to poke holes in the back of the caps to remove the gun powder then you take the collected gun powder that you have and take a piece of tap and pour it towards the bottom of the tape sticky side up and pack it down after this is done you take a fuse made from a sparkler that is cut down so it isn't too long and place it onto the tape and wrap the tape/gun powder around it then you take extra tape and wrap it around it really tight the tighter...

How To: Tie an eight plait round braided whip

This how-to video shows how to use core-less paracord to make a round braid. Working with eight strands is demonstrated but the same technique will work from 4 to 16 strands. This is the first step in learning how to make your own whip and what is more fun than using nothing but muscle power to drive a bit of string through the speed of sound? You can also make it as a paracord lanyard, belt, hatband, bracelet, etc. Always wear eye protection around paracord. Watch this video specialized weap...

How To: Make sulfur-less black powder using sugar

In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to make sulfur-less black powder using sugar. The materials required for this project are: potassium nitrate, charcoal, sugar, scale, spoon and cup. Begin by measuring 16g of potassium nitrate and pour it into the cup. Crush it until it's a fine powder. Now measure 4g of sugar and pour it into the cup. Then measure 3g of charcoal and pour it into the cup. Mix the ingredients together for 13 minutes to create the black powder. This video will benefit t...

How To: Make a fuse using black powder

Making a fuse with black powder is a simple process and you only need a few things to get it right. You should have Water, Cotton string, and black powder. A slow burning good quality meal powder works best. To start, cut the cotton string to your desired length and dip it into the water. Take the now wet string and coat it thoroughly with the black powder. Then you simply have to let the fuse dry, an oven on a very low setting works well. Optionally, you can dissolve a small amount of potass...

How To: Make a James Bond's 007 burning blue laser gun

The world's first look at James Bond's new blu-ray burning laser weapon! Make your own with Kipkay and his XBOX 360 hack. Disassemble a 360 HD DVD drive to extract the blue diode. Then install it in an airsoft CO2 powered gun modeled after James Bond's gun of choice. The weapon will burn through electrical tape, light matches and burn bright blue the whole time! Schematics and parts are also available.

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